Mar 22, 2014
painting sculpture competition
competition at Aditya College of Architecture, Mumbai

Aditya College of Architecture had organized national competition of sculpture design from famous paintings for students of architecture. IDEAS had sent 4 entries for this competition at which they had won 2nd prize.


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Yoga Day

International Day of Yoga, or commonly and unofficially referred to as Yoga Day, is celebrated annually on 21 June.

Jun 1, 2017
students council


CONCEPT -‘S’ is student’s council at IDEAS. The council is responsible for encouraging co-curricular activities amongst fellow students.

General Secretary -Prateek Malewar

Asst. General Secretary – Ishwari Khati

Treasurer: Mohini Mahurkar

Culturals Team: Sanjana Kirnariwal, Shivani Giripunje

Publication Cell: Saurabh Khobragade, Abhiroop Sarkar

Sports Team: Priya Patole, Ajinkya Gandhe

Maintenance Team: Priya Nakhate, Anand Jibkate

Anti Ragging: Ankit Tupkar, Indrajeet Mohite

Fiesta: Radhika Hada, Meenal Sarda

Jun 30, 2018
Graduation day_Batch 2012-2013
Blessing Ceremony 

The  Graduation Day at IDEAS is an event where teachers wish luck to the fresh graduates and wish them for their future. The event is also about expressions of parents, teachers and students collectively about their life and education at IDEAS.

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Fiesta is an attempt to bring about positive change through interaction between students vis-a-vis active participation and social gathering . The goal of this event is to bring out the best in one’s overall development in terms of personality and morals.


Jan 18, 2018
The Divine Music of Vocal Recital

As a part of the outlook to have architectural education vis-a-vis other forms of arts, a musical soiree was conducted with SPIC MACAY with Pandit Vidyadhar Vyas at  Tanpura and Shree Balkrishna Aiyar at Tabla. and Shree Sandip Gurumule On Harmonium The eventful musical treat inspired to relive the Indian cultural pride.

Dec 20, 2017
Sports Day
Annual  sports events 

The annual Sports Day celebrates the lively spirit of the students through various indoor and outdoor sports. By engaging in sports, students express and also explore their non-academic nature which adds to their development. The Students’ Council is pro-active in organizing sports’ events throughout the year.

Sep 5, 2017
Teachers’ Day 2017

Every year, the Students’ Council organizes a programme on 5th September, the Teachers’ Day, as a tribute to the faculty at IDEAS. Various games are played out between teachers and students which help in the informal interaction. The students’ performances also take place in the form of dance, skits, and mimicry followed by lunch for the faculties.

Jan 26, 2018
15th Aug & 26th Jan
Independence Day & Republic Day celebrations 

IDEAS celebrates the national Independence Day every year on 15th August, and Republic day on 26th January, where students and teachers gather to understand concepts of freedom, constitution, nationalism and recall the works of freedom fighters. The day is celebrated with performances , speeches and skits.


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Donating blood is one of the greatest ways to help humankind. By doing so, we save someone’s precious life, and that is a blessing in itself.
So, let’s take a step forward by donating blood.
*Date: 04/02/2020*
*Venue: Entrance foyer*
*Concept S & EOC*

Nov 14, 2014
Visit to orphanage
Interaction with orphans at Platform School 

“We make a LIVING by what we ‘get’, but we make a LIFE by what we ‘give’. ”

On the ocassion of Children’s Day, the IDEAS family joined hands & made their day special by giving some happiness to the needy children of society.

The Student Council of IDEAS, headed by the General Secretary proposed to visit an orphange- Platform School. The idea was to spend their time with the under privileged children.

A variety of  games like imprint painting, singing were conducted at the venue which not only made them learn but also made them enjoy to their heart-full. Different prizes were distributed to the children to motivate them & bring up their competitive spirits.

Altogether, the motto of cherishing the 42 children of the orphanage was sufficed upto & even far more than our expectations.

A great contribution was made by the students who donated books, colours, pencils, chocolates, snacks, clothes, their belongings like bicycle, toys, games, etc. which was of no use for them but of a great use for the children there.


Oct 7, 2013
Blood Donation
One day blood donation camp 

The Student Council of IDEAS participates in social services through organization of blood donation camps. The blood donation is one of the activities that students undertake as a gesture towards the society as sensitive and responsible citizens.


Jan 22, 2015
Exploration of terra-cotta material in pottery 

The pottery workshop tested the form making skills of students with terra-cotta as the material. Students were guided by a pottery expert Mr. Pramod who elaborated on making pots on wheels and then heating them in a fire kiln. Terra-cotta is a widely used building material. This workshop helped orient the students to explore terra-cotta which is also used in tile-making and roof covering materials.

Sep 20, 2014
Landscape workshop
Exploration of acrylic medium on canvas in outdoor landscapes

The painting workshop was organized in Hudkeshwar village with the intent of outdoor participation of students to understand perspective, scale and proportions in real life landscape. The village life was preferred as the landscape destination as villages are blessed with more vibrant colours of life than cities. The paintings were executed in acrylic medium on canvas. The students were encouraged to complete the work outdoors which they thoroughly enjoyed as it was not a conventional studio-oriented exercise.

Sep 19, 2014
Mask making
Fun exercise of mask making and painting 

The mask- making workshop was an event where students had refreshment from daily-routine of class-room learning. The mask- making workshop induced students to explore how to depict emotions and mood through the medium of mask. As is taught, architecture is about building and arranging spaces so as to incite emotions from people; the mask-making is a similar process of depicting expressions and emotions, an analogy they could lightly relate to.

Apr 14, 2014
Screen Printing
Development of graphical communication skills

The screen printing workshop was carried out with the intent that architects need to be self-sufficient in communication while practicing. It is thus imperative to be aware of the technologies of communication. Screen printing subordinates the graphical communication and graphical language is the primary language of an architect. Thus, exploration of various forms of communication and associated mediums enables architect to be self- dependent.

Aug 22, 2013
Ganesh idol making workshop
Clay idol making workshop 

The workshop of making a Ganesh idol was conducted by designer Subodh Sathe in event of festival of Ganesh Chaturthi, which is a widely publicly celebrated festival. He stressed upon usage of eco-friendly materials like ‘shadu maati’ for making Ganesh idols. This was to impart an environmental awareness amongst students of architecture. The students had fun experimenting with clay while making the idols.